Mommy Makeover Patient Satisfaction

The cost of a mommy makeover is substantial and, when all is said and done, is it really worth it?

In this resource, we’ll look at all the information. The above video is a consumer testimonial brought to you by a plastic surgeon’s office, but can it be trusted.

For more peer reviews, let’s go to and see how patients rate their satisfaction with no prompting from the doctors themselves.


As you can see in the image above, a whopping 98% satisfaction rate. It’s no wonder because it solves a particular problem and it’s the most dramatic of all procedures, including a combination of the most popular procedures on the market today: Breast Augmentation (the most popular procedure in the States), a Tummy Tuck (also extremely Popular), and Liposuction (historically one of the most popular procedures throughout time).

Here’s one review from Real Self:

I wasn’t going to do a review BC I didn’t want to…

I wasn’t going to do a review BC I didn’t want to jinx my healing. However after watching BOTCHED a season one I want to clear up their mistake of saying never go to TIJUANA for plastic surgery. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

I went to TJ mexico for my mommy make over with dr Suarez & received nothing BUT top notch care. He opened a brand new facility nov 18 & it’s beautiful. Equipped with emergency services IF needed. An elevator. A beautiful recovery floor & so much more.

My Sx was dec 8. I went in thinking I was getting a full lift tummy tuck with muscle repair & a Breast aug with implants. Also lipo to the flanks. The outcome was better then I expected. My only complaint is my belly button but from what I’m told it takes 6 months upward to a year to see your final outcome. So. Patience I am trying to learn. Lol

The anesthesiologist was absolutely wonderful. Very kind & informative. We talked for roughly a half an hour about everything & he explained in great detail what he was doing pre & during surfery to keep me pain free & alive. He did a wonderful job. I didn’t have an exparel shot. I also haven’t had any pain yet regarding my tummy tuck. Everyone says the worst days are 1-5 but I was absolutely fine. We stayed at lucerna. Did some shopping & a ton of laying around. I was on anti inflammatories antibiotics & pain killer called ketorlaco (1 pill every 6 hours). My dr said the most important part after surgery is to keep taking everything he prescribed for 7 days & to rest for three weeks. & for the most part I was able to be a couch potatoe (except for one trip to the shopping mall in Mexico & a couple dinners out) so we stayed a full week & flew home. My biggest complaint regarding “pain”
Is the back stiffness & soreness from walking hunched.
Anyways. I’ll try to keep this simple
Day of surgery I don’t remember much after being wheeled to the OR. I woke up in recovery asking for water & food ( I was starving) I didn’t have any loopy episodes or nausea bc they gave me anti nausea meds. They brought me chicken soup & jello & water & I ate all of it. I had compression air socks on which was nice. They wouldn’t let me get out & walk around TIL the following day so I just basically laid in bed. Are. Drank. Slept. I was woken up every 4 hours to take meds & see how I was doing. The nurse care there was wonderful ( the nurses spoke little English but understand if u point or talk slow) the one head nurse there spoke fluent English as does dr suarez. If I was ever in doubt I just call or email violet & mj (who both speak EXCELLENT english & are SUPER helpful & caring!)
The next day at around 6 am the nurse asked if I wanted to shower & I said yes. So we removed the catheter & she helped me OUTTA bed & into a wheel chair & off to the shower. As we were removing bandages I so didn’t mentally prepare my brain for the trauma im about to see & as soon as I looked down I felt like passing out & puking not necessarily in that order. Lol. So we ended that excursion & redressed my wounds & into my compression garment & bra & clothes then sat in bed til dr Suarez came in.
He said my flanks were lipo’d & he took 400cc out of each side -yuck & omg.
He was able to give me the low lying scar I asked for but that my skin wasn’t able to be pulled down fully to remove my old belly button skin. ( I wore my piercing through my pregnancy & stretch the skin to a nasty degree. So I’m stuck with that & a vertical scar) but the other option would b having a high TT scar which I don’t want. So I’m dealing with that. He said I needed minor muscle repair (which I knew because I’ve always had a six pack buried under my belly. Up to pregnancy it was visible. I gained massive amounts of weight in my six month of pregnancy and never fully lost all the weight despite insanity & p90x & clean eating & craZy diets) so that was a relief. Now onto the BA. He said only one of my breasts required a lift so he ended up doing a crescent lift on my left areola. He placed a 525cc implant on that side. & a 390 on my right bf it was fuller & higher up. Only a little scar under each girl & a crescent scR on my left. Which im ecstatic with! The swelling in my girls is slowly going down & they look so natural for my frame. I’ve always had bigger breasts & they were so full & pretty before & during prego & for a couple months after nursing then it was deflated ugly Tatas. So super happy with that.
The days after that I had zero pain from surgery but major back pain & spasms from hunched over walking which I knew to expect. My flanks gave me pain when I touched them but I expected that as well. Over all I expected so much more pain BC im a huge wimp. So to my suprise that was a relief but at the same point im always waiting for the pain to kick in lol
Fast forward to week two. No real issues but my body spit a stitch out under my right Breast but this is normal & will heal fine. My old belly button is slowly healing & still ugly as sin. My new belly button has stitches on the outside (not impressed) & today I get the stitches out. I had my drains removed on day 9. It was a new day that day. My right drain got stuck to my muscle wall when being removed & that was total hell & a rare occurrence. My left drain was smooth sailing. My family doctor did that for me & she is removing stitches today.
To this day I still have swelling but am recovering well. I’ll post pics & try to update this review :)


And yet another review:

29, 3 Babies Later, Looking Forward to Looking Good Again! – Raleigh, NC

I am so excited to be joining you ladies! I am a…

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