Mommy Makeover Scars, How Bad?

In the video above, April is very pleased with her silicone breast implants that she got as part of her Mommy Makeover. She actually shows the cars which keep decreasing in size as they heal, and she is in Hawaii tanning during this process but is sure to put on Sun Block over the scars.

The scar April got was from an inframammary incision, which is a cut below the breast. The good thing about it, is that the breast hang over the scars and they are not visible unless you lift the breast.

April also has a tummy tuck scar from her abdominoplasty, which sits below her bikini line and isn’t visible unless she pulls it down.

It’s best to check out before and after pictures rather than describing the scars in detail. You can read more on the mommy makeover as well as see before and after pictures and video here.

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