So, What Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

The price of plastic surgery varies from surgeon to surgeon and will be different depending on where you are in the country, the doctor’s overhead, the amount of nurses he has, your particular body needs, and various other factors.

In general, we find from that surgeons generally have different opinions about the cost of this procedure.

The most general consensus is that is ranges form $6k-$17,000. The reasons there is such variation in price–besides the reasons mentioned above–are that not all mommy makeovers are the same. In order to be considered a mommy makeover, all you need is some breast work combined with some abdominal work.

So, you could have a VelaShape and laser skin tightening combined with a slight breast augmentation at the least expensive end of plastic surgery.

On the most expensive side, you could have a full abdominoplasty, with massive breast revision, as well as laser for stretch marks and liposuction to remove excess fat. There is a massive range of possibilities.

Here is what the doctors are saying:

What is the cost of a mommy makeover?

The cost of a mommy makeover will not only vary from surgeon to surgeon, but from patient to patient. No plastic surgery procedure should be a “cookie cutter” procedure and a mommy makeover has a significant number of variables. Generally, a mommy makeover is for women, who, after having having children find themselves with areas of the abdomen or breasts that they would like to have improved.

Costs of Surgery

Mommy makeover cost depends on exact surgery

The cost of a mommy makeover depends on the exact combination of surgery that is best for you. Mommy makeover refers to a tummy tuck (with or without liposuction) in combination with breast surgery (reduction, augmentation, lift, or a combination). It is best to schedule several consultations with board certified plastic surgeons in your area to get an idea of cost. At the end of the day, while cost is a concern, the most important factor is that you choose a surgeon who is well trained and that you are comfortable with.


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