What Is A Mommy Makeover?

So, what exactly is a mommy makeover?

It involves cosmetic surgery on both the breast and the abdomen. Both of these areas are affected most by childbirth and both of them typically need some work after breast feeding and pregnancy.

While pregnant, you should look up all the ways to prevent excessive stretching and avoid stretch marks (like using coco-butter all over your pregnant belly), pregnancy exercise (like walking and yoga and Pilates, etc.). If those should fail you, it’s time for a Mommy Makeover.

As explained in the video above, a mommy makeover can be surgeries that address both the breast and the tummy. We also found the following article very helpful:


What Is A Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy can take a toll on our bodies, affecting our breasts, tummies, legs and more. After nine months—or more, if nursing—you are probably longing for your pre-baby body. Whether you choose a healthy regimen of diet and exercise, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments, cosmetic procedures or all of the above, you might also consider a Mommy Makeover to get back in shape.

Many plastic surgeons are now offering what they call the Mommy Makeover, which addresses a woman’s post-pregnancy body issues in a single-session surgery that typically combines the following:

  • Tummy Tuck
  • Breast Enhancement – Lift, Augmentation
  • Fat Removal with Liposuction

“From a cosmetic standpoint, Mommy Makeovers address pregnancy-related changes in both the breasts and the tummy,” says Landsdowne, VA, plastic surgeon Phillip Chang, MD.

While this is a great way to take care of two of the biggest post-pregnancy complaints in one operation, it’s important to remember that combining procedures leads to longer surgery time and potentially a greater risk of complications. The biggest concern with multiple procedures in one surgical session is the length of time the patient is under anesthesia, but plastic surgeon Felmont Eaves, MD, of Charlotte, NC, says, “A tummy tuck and breast surgery are frequently performed at the same time, and usually take from three to five hours, which is reasonable.”

Other treatments often combined with the Mommy Makeover include:

  • Skin tighteners
  • Cellulite treatments
  • Stretch mark elimination


Article: http://www.newbeauty.com/treatments/mommy-makeover/605-what-is-a-mommy-makeover/

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